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After patch if i switch EU to NA or vs i get unexpected error -- Solved 3 min timer ..

I can work around with running the tool ...but not a permanent solution so i ask for help .
If the title is not clear , the first i login , could be EU or NA as being the last one i logged out ..there is mostly no problem it happens most often when i switch servers .
Than i get the infamous unexpected error ..i try sometimes as i dont want to bother people if i can solve it my self ..so i found that if i use the tool and make a report it also fixes my problem sadly only for the moment as when i log out kill the launcher for a fresh lauch i get the same problem i do hope even when i have a workaround this can be fixed asap as its annoying :)
(Steam launcher btw)
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  • VoodooPlatypus
    Also happening on consoles now that U37 is live.
  • fizl101
    Are you waiting more than 3 minutes post logging out of a server to log into another one? Hotfixes were applied to PC and console servers

    Soupy twist
  • Warwolf
    Ohhh thank you so much fizl101 i did not know :)
    I always do a fast login for the daily as i have no time to play on both at the same day .
    Did not read the memo lol ;)

  • ZOS_Phoenix
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