I've created an extension to turn Vortex into a Minion replacement!

This is for the PC players out there who use Minion but are keen to try something newer. If you're sick of Minion and have either used Vortex (or don't mind learning how to use it), you should check out my ESO UI Integration Extension. It integrates ESO UI into Vortex so you can download addons from ESO UI through Vortex directly as well as keep them up to date.

Why should you use Vortex over Minion? Other than Minion being an ageing manager that's not in active development, Minion doesn't install the dependencies of a Mod for you when you install it. With my extension, when you install a Mod it'll look for the libraries that the mod says it requires and installs them automatically for you. While it's not perfect (some mods don't declare their dependencies), it is much better just clicking install for Auto Research and getting it's requirements downloaded automatically for you. On top of that, if a mod has **new** dependencies when you update it, those new dependencies will download automatically for you!

The extension is brand new and has been the work of the last four or five nights of programming, so if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions on how to make things more user friendly, please let me know so I can improve it!

One more thing: The extension has a feature to let you do one-click installs of mods from ESO UI, just like for mods on Nexus. In the next few days I'll be making a small browser extension to add that link but if you have Tampermonkey installed and want to try it out in advance, here's a small Tampermonkey script to add that button!
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  • MorninStar
    Not sure if you can but, did you try posting this in https://www.esoui.com/addons.php ? Maybe if some of the more experienced modders can check this out.
  • Elsonso
    Ooh. Nice.
  • WiseSky
    Blessings of the 9 be upon you.

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