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Most sound not working - Fixed

When I logged in today I noticed the game wasn't playing any sound. I got the sound effects on the logos as the game was loading but nothing after that. Later on I noticed I did get certain sounds, like a dull thud when gathering wood or ore, and some quiet clicks while scrying but that's all. My weapons also make sounds, I can hear the arrows and the 'swoosh' when using a dagger but none of the skill sound effects. (That's what convinced me it's a problem with the game itself, the fact that some sound effects are working, if it was anything else I'd expect the whole program to be silent.)

I've confirmed my speakers are on and working and other programs on the PC can play sound as normal.
I've tried disabling all my addons, and resetting the audio settings to default while addons are disabled.
I've tried logging out and back in (and doing it again with addons disabled).
Restarting the computer entirely.

Nothing has fixed the problem. I'd appreciate any suggestions to get it working again.

Update: I ran a repair on the game and that got the sound back!
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