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Newbie Needing some help

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a good day on your side so far. Like the title states I am a new player on this game and need some on what classes and skills might be best to start with. I've never played any of the elder scroll games, so I know nothing about it. I am in the mood to play something new and wanted to give this a shot. So here is where I need your help. I have played mostly tanks that selfheal, paladins mostly and dps. Not a healer, I don't really want to be just a support class if I can help it but will do side heals if the healer is down, I did well with that on the final fantasy mmo. However, the combat system is different than what I am used to. Or at least the sound of it and wonder if it is controller friendly or am I better off with mouse and keyboard?

Out of the class's that interest me are the dragon knight, which sounds like the best tank class. Templar, which sounds like the paladin type class but sounds like more of a healing class so not sure on this one. Necromancer, who doesn't like playing with undead, but I wonder if can make this a death knight build which might make it interesting. And Sorcerer if I want to be more of a range dps. Not good as rouge or a druid, nothing against them but doesn't feel like they would meet my play style unless you can change my mind. So, with that said could any of you give me some suggestions of what I should or could do for my first character? And what skills and such should I focus on?
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  • JKorr
    I'm not the right person to answer this; I do mostly solo pve, and have a ball playing dk, templar, sorcerer, necromancer, and even nightblade. It all depends on what you want out of the game and how you want to play.

    Please, for love of the Divines, it is ROGUE. My inner english major cringes and whines every time I see someone who wants to play a ROUGE. The mental image of Nords, Khajiit, Bosmer, Altmer, Redguards, and Argonians running around wearing tons of makeup for that rosy red-cheeked rouge look is soooo hard to get rid of.....
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

    This thread has been moved to the Players Helping Players section, as it is better suited there.

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  • PlagueSD
    DragonKnight - Best tanking class PvE, best DPS class PVP
    Templar - Best Healing class PvE, Excellent DPS PvP/PvE (magica templar is arguably the easiest to play)

    Here's a nice Tier list video that describes all the different classes for you:

  • zellsantarellib14_ESO
    Zos- Thanks for putting the board in the right place, didn't know where to go at the time.

    I have gone with the DK class and go from there, with the video you should me that helped me a lot and thanks for the support guys.
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