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I have reach lvl 30 but I am not able to start the next quest in the main story quest, neither the ghost nor the inside the harborage I do have a quest starter. Nor I have any reference to a Main Story quests on the journal.
I have tried /camp /reloadui, logout for 24hr, etc .... still cant get it triggered

Any idea what can I do?

Thanks !!!!!
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  • Fennwitty
    If you're on certain prologue quests they mess up the main quest.

    Like if a prologue quest has you need to talk to Tharn for something, the main story won't work when it's his turn.
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  • fjaenalb16_ESO
    That could be the reason. I have drop all prologues quests, but still have the issue.

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!
  • VaranisArano
    What quest did you last do?

    There's two major break points in the MQ:
    If you just did "Castle of the Worm," then Abnur Tharn will not show up if you have the Elsweyr Prologue quests "The Demon Weapon" or "the Halls of Collosus." Dropping the quests should work or players have finished them to have him show up.

    If you just did "Shadow of Sancre Tor," then you'll need to complete the Coldharbor zone story before the Main Quest will continue.
  • fjaenalb16_ESO
    thanks, will check but its the one after freeing Abn, so prolly thats the issue !

    Thasnks you all !!!!
  • fjaenalb16_ESO
    It has work, thanks a lot !!!!
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are happy to hear that your questing issue is now resolved. This thread will now be closed since the OP issue is resolved.
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