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Addons not showing up in game

I turned in a fix ticket for an issue in game and they fixed it. However, when I logged into the game the first time, I got the full line of approvals for privacy, usage, etc, then got the server question, NA or EU, all the stuff when you log on for the very first time...then it showed the intro video...finally got to the game (I was definitely worried). Now I have no addons in the addon window in game. All my ESO files are still in the same place, addons still in the file and minion still works fine. Just the game isnt seeing them. Any ideas what could be wrong??
  • Yakidafi
    @barigood54_ESO What folder exactly are your addons in?
    should be in C/user/username/documents/elderscrollsonline/live/addons
    Or if you have that folder installed somewhere else.
    Moons and sands shall be your guide and path.
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  • barigood54_ESO
    OK, here is the deal...somehow my active addons file got moved to a totally different location. Dont know if it was the animation fix or if it went up against some Win10 update or what happened but I knew the addons were not being seen by the game.

    I went into the game and modified some video settings which updated the UserSettings.txt file. Closed the game and searched for the file.

    Found the new one under C:/ProgramData /Elder Scrolls Online /live /addons .... I loaded my addons, variables and updated the txt files, fired up the game and MIRACLE....addons restored! Anyway hopefully this will to help some other desperate player!
  • tnjones
    Soul Shriven
    You just saved my ever-loving sanity friend!

    Laptop had a spill, needed repairs. Loaded game on old pc so I could log in and collect my daily rewards/do writs. And when my good laptop came home today I went through the same process you just described. Searched all over for an answer before I dug this one out.

    UPDATE 8/17/18: I have since found the reason for my issue was an update to Windows Defender. Their Ransom Ware prevention was not allowing ESO to save the files in their original location. So it relocated them to C:/ProgramData /Elder Scrolls Online /live /addons instead of C:/Documents /Elder Scrolls Online /live /addons. Once I turned my Ransom Ware prevention off (its fine, I have Malware Bytes sub) I stopped having issues.
    Edited by tnjones on August 17, 2018 4:52PM
  • jfaulknercourt
    Soul Shriven
    I just had the same problem with my Update 32 installation which runs under Lutris on Manjaro Linux. Having spent all day trying to sort out why it wouldn't run at all (props to bobzub_ESO who came up with the custom GE wine executable) when I next encountered the above missing addon issue. As mentioned above, I tinkered with the video settings and looked for the UserSettings.txt file and found it had moved from '%User%\My Documents' to '%User%\Documents'. Copying the entire contents of '%User%\My Documents' to '%User%\Documents' did the trick. I am not sure if that's a product of the game change or of the new Wine version but it might help anyone using Lutris at least.
  • ZOS_Volpe

    Because there is a thread already open on this topic and as this thread was originally created in 2018, we're going to close this one down. To consolidate all feedback, we ask that you continue the discussion here.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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