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Active Slaughterfish for homes

Here me out: Slaughterfish for player houses that attack anyone to death, just like in the deep, but for our player homes for unsuspecting tours!

Make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season

Just sayin!
  • Cave_Canem
    This already exists in many of my houses. I think all of my houses that have ocean will get me.
    I uses flower to let me know then I swim to far.

    Also at the Daggerfall Castle I have made a dock and fishing pier and made one part a little low so if you don't hurry the fishies bite back!
  • Amottica
    I understand Daggerfall Overlook has slaughterfish.

    As far as this as a furnishing, it would not make sense as it would only affect a small area of the water feature and would not be limited to the water feature as I do not think Zenimax has programmed such controls.
    Edited by Amottica on September 13, 2021 10:35PM
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    I'd love to put some slaughterfish in the little pool in the Moongrave Fane part of the Halls of the Lunar Champion.

    Getting more enviromental things like slaughterfish, critters and insects would be great.
    [Lie] Of course! I don't even worship Daedra!
  • BloodyStigmata
    That'd be cool. Could act as a trap for like a death maze or something.

    I'd even cool with placeable mobs or bosses that don't give any exp or damage equipment or anything when fighting them. But maybe that's a little too far-fetched, lol.
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