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The Sixth Station - Pantherfang Chapel

Soul Shriven
Hello, after thorough security reviews due to the death of the some visitors, the Sixth Station is now open for visitors with upgraded safety measures. It is very loosely inspired by Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away. The house is listed as open house via EHT and is currently marked my primary residence. Please feel free to visit :)

House: The Sixth Station - Pantherfang Chapel
UserID: @Cerulione
Platform: PC/EU

Special thanks to AyaLockheart for telling me that it is possible to built out of Pantherfang Chapel, as well as to whole Tamriel Homes, Guars Gone Wild, Casual Rascals & Twelve Knights guilds and The Pilgrims raiding group. Can't do it without you guys <3







Hope you enjoy!
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