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The Corpse Brigade PC NA

Soul Shriven
The Corpse Brigade is a rebranded PvP/PvE guild that will focus on clearing hard mode achievements, creating group synergy in PvE and PvP environments, and making new friends. We offer a laid back, yet organized environment that encourages people to have fun. PvP events will be Ebonheart Pact aligned, so we prefer that our members are from this faction. PvP will be primarily played in <No CP> Imperial City and <No CP> Cyrodiil. Message @zeroaxis if you have any questions


Ages 18+
CP 160+
A good attitude and sense of humor!


Farming runs (gear and achievements)
Master crafters available
Guild bank
Guild hall (crafting stations, a transmute station, mundus stones, and a dueling arena)
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