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August 8 Xbox NA sever issues

Me and 3 other guildies are all having issues logging into the Xbox NA server. Anyone else having this problem?
Edited by ZOS_Bill on August 8, 2021 4:43PM
  • Rzebco
    Same here. Guild members in Band reporting the same.. Login fails as connection times out. Connecting just Spins.. Side note: connecting to EU server works fine.
  • Gnash_db
    Same stuck on connecting bunch of friends as well
  • geeve420
    Yup, started a thread in Xbox bugs. Several folks on there are having the same issue, as well as Several of my guild mates.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Same here! Where is ZoS on fixing this?
  • geeve420
  • Neoauspex
    Same. No outages reported on Xbox Live
  • Jameson18

    Tried all the normal routine.

    Everything else works. All other devices and games.

    Per usual, it’s just ESO having the problems.
  • jackiemanuel
  • ZOS_Bill
    There were some server issues earlier affecting players on the Xbox NA megaserver. These login issues should now be resolved. Please let us know if you still have any issues with logging in. We are closing this discussion with multiple threads open. You can continue discussion in this thread.
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