game "closes" to desktop when logout option is chosen

title says it all... i dont recall when it started, but i have this problem for more than a month now.. googled soem queries and didnt have luck finding useful results

so when logging out was chosen to select one of my toons for a play sessions:
- sometimes it would "quit" me to desktop; no error notes whatsover ever
- sometimes quit me to desktop, but has error notes and I have to use taks manager to close error note and the game
- and sometimes it does not ctd and i was able to go to select character menu
- this is where i only experience the ctd

pc specs
- windows 10
- i7 6700k cpu
- msi 2070s gpu
- 64gb 3.2ghz gskill trident royal ram
- intel 660p nvme ssd install location
NA PC Character list as of 2021
Nord Dragonknight - Lady Anneke | Main toon | Stamina DPS Build | PVE-focused | 2H+Bow+DOT specialist | Main Crafter | Former Master Antiquarian
Dunmer Templar - Elrond of Riivendell | Magicka DPS Build | PVE- focused | Javs+Mystic Orb+ Debuff Specialist | Healer-role alt configuration
Argonian Warden - Heals-No-Teammates | Magicka DPS Build | Main-Healer Alt | PVE-focused | Mystic Orb + Animals Specialist | Healer-role alt configuration | Master Antiquarian
Dunmer Warden - Imperatore Furiosa | Stamina DPS Build | Main-Healer Alt | PVE-focused | 2H + Animals Specialist
Nord Dragonknight - Lenneth the Valkyrie | Health Tank Build | PVE-focused | 1H+ Destro staff configuration

Altmer Necromancer - Lord Voldemorth | Magicka DPS Build | PVE- focused | Blastbones+Skulls Specialist | Healer-role alt configuration
Altmer Sorcerer - Galadriel of Lothlorienn | Magicka DPS Build | PVE-focused | Pulse+Orb Specialist
Khajiit Nightblade - Katnip Everdeenn | Magicka DPS Build | PVP-focused | Bomber Specialist
Khajiit Nightblade - Catniss Everdeene | Stamina DPS Build | PVP-focused | Bow+2H specialist

Orc Necromancer - Lord Shang-Tsung | Stamina DPS Build | PVP-focused | 2H+Blastbones specialist
Orc Sorcerer - Geralt of Rievia | Stamina DPS Build | PVP-focused | 2H specialist
Breton Dragonknight - Lady Scabbia | Magicka DPS Build | PVE-focused | Pulse+Orb specialist

Imperial Templar - LiteEmUp | Stamina DPS Build | PVP-focused | 2H+Jabs specialist

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