Vault of Umbrage - Poison Flowers

The vault of Umbrage round. You know those poison little flowers that explode. The ones that spawn a random amount in random places. And only really serve the purpose of limiting the amount of playable space.

Zenimax please add a simple distance to player check on spawn.

So that if it wants to spawn under the player's feet, it instead picks a new location.

I don't feel like I am asking much and it would take like 5 minutes to code up.
  • NoSoup
    Well wouldn't you just stand in one place then and remove all difficulty?
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  • slimwaffle
    NoSoup wrote: »
    Well wouldn't you just stand in one place then and remove all difficulty?

    The issue though is that with the fact they are completely random combined with the fact they can spawn at your feet. And almost every enemy using snares or stuns. It makes skill invalid.
    Because it doesn't matter how perfect you run. Getting a snare or stun at the same time as one spawning underneath you will almost certainly wipe you out every single time.
    And its not something that can be predicted or avoided because of the fact its a randomised mechanic.
    At that point it literally comes down to luck.
  • oterWitz
    People have been asking for changes to that round of the arena for years--even just bug fixes--but no love from the devs :(

    So, stay mobile. The newly spawning poison flowers have a grace period for you to get out of the way, and you can even roll dodge out of the expanding aoe if needed (you can also use this to detonate them on purpose and thus clear yourself some space, but it is risky). Conserve you stamina for break free and the emergency roll dodge or sprint to a cleansing pool worst case scenario.

    Also be situationally aware of where all the flowers are and if one has just exploded, as that means a new one/ones will be spawning soon. If you watch for new ones to spawn, you'll have time to move mobs away or even break free+move if need be.

    That round of the arena has many problems, but luckily the issues you describe can be avoided or recovered from.
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  • El_Borracho
    Its totally random and is usually where most no-death runs fall apart. Especially when the cleansing pool either does not spawn or does not work. Good times
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