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Dark Exchange Equals Bar Swap Failure?

I've had issues trying to swap my bars for a while. I like to play on a stamina sorcerer and my magicka sorcerer friend recently started using Dark Conversation, to which he thinks is why he is suddenly having a problem swapping ability bars now too. Is this actually a thing? 🧐
  • WrathOfInnos
    Yes, for any skill with a cast time you cannot bar swap until the animation has finished, and then wait a little longer. It’s very annoying. The solution is to never cast Conversion before a bar swap, always use an instant skill last before swapping.
    Edited by WrathOfInnos on May 28, 2021 5:18AM
  • BlackCatOnline-
    Oh 😟
    Alright thank you. Usually I'll swap to back bar to reset my buffs and or use dark exchange then try going back to front for resuming attacks. Guess I need to retrain that habit a bit
  • Septimus_Magna
    You can light attack after Dark Deal and swap bars after, it takes a short moment longer but will allow you to swap bars more reliably.
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  • BlackCatOnline-
    Yeah I tried casting something else after and it seems helpful. I'll pass that along to my friend, thanks 😊

    In the meantime I wish D.Swing wasn't so clunky. I can't hit anyone half the time...
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