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Problem attempting to wayshrine to Tideholm

I apparently arrive in Tideholm because I can hear the NPCs and noises I make using my weapons etc, but my view remain locked on the loading screen. So far I have tried quitting and logging back in - any other advice would be great - way shrines to other locations were fine.
  • BlueRaven
    I am having a similar issue.

    I usually quit the game using the "ActivityMonitor" and just load back in. It's a big problem for me in Southern Elsweyr.
  • ixie
    I've been logging out in Tideholm recently, on a couple of occasions when trying to load my character I got stuck in a load screen and had to Alt F4 and log in again.
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  • AngryLorekeeper
    It's been over a year and the problem persists. Maybe ZOS will get to it one day
  • ZOS_Bill
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