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An hour+ and still waiting to log in after patch

And many force resets I've not even made it to char screen and if I get far I get logged out due to inactivity anyway
Edited by ZOS_Bill on March 23, 2021 5:21PM
  • zharkovian
    Same here on my wife's machine, after patch, direct ESO install, times out.

    Tried all the usual fixes, reboots, router, deleted the usual files, still the same, contemplated doing a repair but we know how long that takes, for my wife, no ESO today, probably none tomorrow, all because of the patch screwing some file check routine up.

    On my machine, through Steam, no issue.

    I wonder if Zenimax know (or even care) how much time we have to spend on this almost perpetual bug.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Yesterday there were some login issues affecting some PC-NA and PC-EU players. These login issues should now be resolved. With multiple threads on this topic we are closing this one. Further discussion can take place in the thread below.

    Can't log in since maintenance
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