Can't log in since maintenance

I'm getting a message saying "you have been placed in a queue to log in" with a wait time of 1 second, but no matter how long I leave it I don't get any further.
  • MadnessCalms
    I have exactly the same, except it says 3 seconds. I've restarted everything, including my router to no avail. I'm guessing it might be related to the ESO Store and Account System maintenance.
  • korbel05
    not only you... I have same problem with queue time 2sec. Tried to log with my girlfriend account and there is 5sec queue.
  • Sameth
    Soul Shriven
    Same here....
  • kerp
    Same. Waited 3-4 minutes when the message says 'Approx time 3 sec', now at least 5 minutes since 'Approx time 4 sec' appeared...
  • Grimtooth
    Same here also.
  • Velgarin
    ..same here.. just frustrating..
    PC/EU CP1900+
  • ZOS_Bill
    Yesterday there were some login issues affecting some PC-NA and PC-EU players. These login issues should now be resolved.
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