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StamDK 2h/Bow

Looking for a good build for a StamDK 2h/Bow setup. I've been using Alcasts, but Stone Giant is just clunky AF. He also has on there to cast it 9x with LA then restart the rotation. That just doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • flavmad09
    I'm using deadly strike + hunding + velidreth, all medium, as well as the maelstrom bow on the back bar.

    Front bar: Venomous claw | Noxious breath | Stone giant | Flames of oblivion | Executioner. I use battle axe for bleed effect + dual poison for the set.

    Back bar: Barbed trap | Endless Hail | Poison injection | Ring of preservation | camouflaged Hunter | the camo hunter is just there for the fighters guild passive.

    Ult.: FB: Standard of might
    Ult.: BB Flawless dawnbreaker, again for fighters guild passive.

    Rotation: PI - EH - BT - VC - NB - FoO - SG × 4 - repeat.

    This is not meta, but I like it and it does it's job.
  • Danbest82
    You can always use wrecking blow in place of stone giant. It empowers your next LA so it helps. Not saying it's meta by any means but it works.
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