Premade 5man groups in PvE are unbalanced

Soul Shriven
ZOS did a great job in making Battlegrounds Soloqueue only, so every Player can have a chance of getting into the Leaderboards.
Meanwhile, the PvE content leaderboards are being still owned by Trihard Guilds, against which a solo player can never hope to compete.
Get rid of grouping for PvE content and make it Dungeon Finder Solo Queue only. It is just the logical conclusion to the problem.
You did a great job with PvP content, now you just gotta pull through and make the Solo Queue deram come true.
  • Midshieldgard
    Whew these post just get worse and worse. If ZOS ever did this many people wouldn't even bother doing dungeons, as its to hard to do content with people who aren’t equipped enough to clear it...Ive solo qued recently for dungeons and I watched as people just spammed light attacks,and punched bosses with there fist it’s terrible and half the time tanks aren't even tanks as they dont ever pull any adds lmao so yeah this should never go into effect.
  • TequilaFire
    BG solo queues suck, PvE solo queues would kill the game.
  • Midshieldgard
    You're right. 5-man groups would be unbalanced. Thank goodness we have 4-man groups instead.

    Lmao Exactly
  • Magdalina
    I sense some trolling here...
  • ChimpyChumpy
    BGs and Dungeons have leaderboards? How do you look at them in game?
  • HappyTheCamper
    Agreed. And I’m sick of other people being ranked hire than me for the weekly vMA lists. I think they should scrap the leaderboards and whoever floods ZOS with the most crown purchases should get the leaderboard rewards at the end of each week.
  • ZOS_Lunar

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