Srendarr: tracking buffs in 4 separate windows?

Soul Shriven
I want to use Srendarr to track 4 specific buffs/skills each in a separate window so I can place the buff tracker in 4 different places in my screen. I have read around a bunch of tutorials and guides but they all setup the buff trackers to show in the same window.

Right now in the "AURA CONTROL - DISPLAY GROUPS" in the "General" section I have everything set to "Do Not Display" because I want to control stuff individually. So then I head to the "Filters" section and then the "PROMINENT BUFFS & AOE ASSIGNMENTS" and in there I am able to type the name of the ability I want to track and assign it a window. However, there are only two "Aura Whitelist 1" and "Aura Whitelist 2" so I can only display the buff trackers in 2 windows this way?

Is it possible for me to do the following, for example:

- Critical Surge tracking in Display Window 2
- Blockade of Storms tracking in Display Window 3
- Summon Volatile Familiar tracking in Display Window 4
- Daedric Prey tracking in Display Window 5

so I can then move those 4 different windows around and place them in different places, and if so, how do I do that?
  • Baertram
    Isn't there a settings part where you are able to create new profiles and windows, so you are able to define more aura windows, or general buff windows, where you can assign the wanted abilityIds to show then?
    At least in the past there was the possibility to define more "windows" / "Bars".
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