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Major Sorcery and Minor Force

Hello Community,

i am still pretty new to trial content, but i have gathered my gear, my passive and my skills for the endgame content. I have two problems when im doing my parses (currently 45-50k dps) on my magicka Dragonknight:
  1. Major Sorcery: I can't financially sustain to use Essence of Spell Power in every fight. That's why im currently using the Degeneration ability from the Mages Guild. Is this correct or are there better ways?
  2. Minor Force: Im currently trying to get used to Channeled Acceleration but the cast time feels really off and the duration of 36 seconds keeps messing up my rotation (im using Elf Bane). Barbed Trap on the other hand is a stamina ability is feels strange to use with it's 18 second duration. How important is this buff?
This are currently my biggest problems within my rotation and i would appreciate some tips from more experienced players. Here is the difference in my builds im talking about. Version 1 feels really natural because my abilities line up really well, but im missing minor force. Note that this setup is for boss fights.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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  • robpr
    1. It's ok to use Degen and trash pots as long as both bars have Major Prophecy on (Flames of Oblivion or Inner Light)
    2. Minor Force itself might sound weak, but combined with Shadow and Major Force its a big boost to dps, you shouldnt skip this buff.

    Since you are using whip, I'd use Trap, but it depends on the boss. Sometimes having additional major expedition helps and Channeled Acceleration last long time. From other hand, even if very small, Trap still does some damage and reduce your magicka usage that we DKs always struggle with if not using Blood for Blood. Also I'd swap Scalding Rune to Burning Talons or Mystic Orb if there is no other DK in the group.
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