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Something to make queue ready check MUCH more noticeable.

I can't tell how many hours I've wasted on queuing for dungeons only to miss my ready check and have to start all over. The in-game ready check notification is like someone trying to smother a wispy fart into a couch. While I wait my average 30 minutes for a queue to pop as a DPS, my eyes are not locked on to the game screen and I'm not listening in silence for that little fart. I'm doing something else more valuable with my time and probably have music or a video on. Or I'm selling things in game. The on-screen notification does not show up when you're in a store. Or I might be in the bathroom, and if I could hear a distinct, loud sound from my computer I could hurry back and say yes to my ready check.

So I was wondering if they're is some add-on out there that can make it SUPER OBVIOUS when a queue pops. Preferably with a loud, possibly repetitive, sound and a very noticeable on-screen visual. I once saw someone say that Bandits UI might be able to do that. I haven't checked, because I'm not really keen to install a huge add-on like Bandits for this one little thing unless I have to. But I will if given no other choice. I'll take whatever I can get.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
  • Granicus
    It was not great before, and worse since they changed the sound which is much quieter. Only ZOS can fix this, but do not hold your breath.

    Bandits adds an auto Check box for accepting queue pops (above the Leave Queue button I believe). It won’t call you back to your game but should automatically accept the queue ready checks. And it has a lot of other features to look through to see what you might like to activate.
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