Clarification about gear set bonuses stacking


This may have been asked already but was just not able to find the response I was looking for. For sets do the bonuses stack?

For example, for Shacklebreaker set, the bonuses are:
2 items: Adds 1-129 Weapon Damage
3 items: Adds 1-129 Spell Damage
4 items: Adds 1-129 Stamina Recovery
4 items: Adds 1-129 Magicka Recovery
5 items: Adds 23-2000 Maximum Stamina
5 items: Adds 23-2000 Maximum Magicka

So does this mean when I have 5 items, do I just get the additional maximum stamina and magicka, or do I ALSO get the additional stamina and magicka recovery (from the 4 items), and the additional damages for spell (from the 3 items) and for weapon (from the 2 items).

I'm a newbie player inquiring.


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