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Advanced PVP group guide

As anyone who has set foot in cyrodil lately would easily notice this is not only a tank meta but a lag one, so the key is to use that to your advantage. So heres a guide on how to make your 0 skill zerg / advanced ball group Build to maxImise your AP, since fun gameplay is the last thing you want since you clicked on this post.

The basic group composition should be 3 healers warden or templar to 1 necro harmony bomber. So round up as many zerglings or “ group build players” as you can
Your build will Run pariah, swift and bogdan, and of course a resto and sword and board. You will need between 30-40k health to make this build super effective. Your rotation will be to use every aoe based heal or group buff available, then heavy attack with your resto staff. Your defensive rotation will be to hold block. Remember don’t use any damage skills on your bar, thats what siege and bombers are for lol! The lag will be not only unplayable but unbearable, however because of the 40 stacks of aoe heals on the ground you wont be dying any time soon.

With this simple yet effective build your zerg will be capping the whole map in no time and better yet the more of you playing like this more everyone else logs out and since theres nothing easier than capturing empty keeps you will be emp in no time.
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