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Disable Gamepad Targeting Slowdown?

hello. playing on gamepad here. can't help to notice the cross-hair slows down a bit everytime passing over a target. anyway to disable this?
  • PTTE
    Try turning off auto aim?
    no such option. it isn't auto-aiming, or assisting in target acquisition. the movement of the camera simply slows down as the cross-hairs move past a target.

    does anyone know how to disable this?
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  • Everest_Lionheart
    Other shooters it’s called aim assist, not auto target. I’m not if front of the game right now but generally aim assist is built right into most shooters on console and you can usually disable it. Though unless you are really good you are gonna have a bad time. Check your settings and look for something with that name. It may just be a sensitivity slider and not a toggle on/off as well. I’m sure it’s there because some people prefer to play that way.
    sorry, i am actually on PC. but have checked both menu versions. because some options appear in the menu when using KB/M that do no appear when using gamepad. there doesn't seem to be any option for this anywhere. i have also checked files at the install and documents folder. there is a UserSettings file which has some options not in-game, but nothing changed removed this behavior.

    in the end, it's not assisting in actual aim. again, it is just slowing down camera movement as the cross-hairs move past an enemy target. there's no auto-movement or sticky movement.
    i am still looking for a way to turn this off. it greatly disrupts camera movement. anyone got any ideas?

    ain't nothing like having otherwise smooth gameplay ruined by something like this.


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  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Hey there @BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY we encourage you to detail the issue that you are experiencing via a ticket at help.elderscrollsonline.com
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  • ZOS_Bill

    Try changing the camera sensitivity in the game settings which can help with the rotation speed while playing. Please let us know if using different settings makes a difference.
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  • React
    You can change the line of text in the "usersettings" notepad file to increase your gamepad sense past cap. The line is called "gamepadsensitivity3rdperson", I have mine set at 1.8.

    This won't fix the "reticle magnetism" you're talking about. It doesn't seem like there is any way to turn this off, at least for xbox controllers on PC. It is pretty annoying.
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    thank you everyone. i guess it can't be turned off. a real shame, but oh wells.
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