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ESO stuck at the loading screen before character select.


I am trying to load up ESO and after running the patcher, putting my user name/PW in I am stuck at the loading screen before character select. Is anyone else having this issue?
  • GoBlue275
    5th times a charm. After updating my game drivers and running the repair launcher function around 5 times that last repair fixed the issue.
  • Evova
    Soul Shriven
    I was stuck in loading,and now I cant log in, I'm not the only one,half the guild cant log in
  • esterwind
    I'm also stuck at the log in screen. And here I thought maybe they had fixed their issues from the past 3 weeks. It only got worse..
  • MrNaiad
    Soul Shriven
    Having the same issue.

    I repaired the game SEVERAL times, removed all my Add-Ons, then even uninstalled and REINSTALLED the entire game. Still stuck at a loading screen after log in. Who knows if I'll ever see my characters again. Not to mention that I tried all day yesterday, continuing into today with this issue persisting. Couldn't even get on this unreliable game on my quarantine pandemic BIRTHDAY, thanks zenimax, LOVE paying 15/month for a game I can't even log in to. Not to mention, now I regret recommending and getting friends to purchase this broken spaghetti code can barely handle its regular players not to mention the new influx. Let's see if I manage to log in TODAY since my birthday yesterday got shut down hard.

    Thanks again, Zenimax, you love outdoing yourselves, huh?
  • ZOS_Bill
    There were recently connection issues affecting players on the PC-EU megaserver. With the recent maintenance these connection issues should now be resolved. Since there are multiple threads discussing this issue we will be closing this thread.
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