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Better Stat Calculations Please

Hello All,
I know that this game is primarily about the immersion and that you can create any type of character you want. But for the people out there whom are like me and would like to see all their improvements by gear displayed out on the stat window i believe the current UI leaves alot to be desired. So my question is; Can someone make a better stat window that will correctly count all the bonuses from the Boons/Passives/Skills and gear stats correctly?

An example is that i love my crit and crit damage multipliers. Yet there is no where that displays the crit multiplier or even the correct crit chance we actually have accrued from our passives/buffs etc.

It would be nice is all, to see our improvement displayed out not just as ranked gear but in the stat window as well.


  • Cydone
    Agreed. Also think that Magicka and Stamina are broken. Each of those, when investing attribute points into them, are supposed to increase the damage for the abilities that use either magicka or stamina. After testing, and putting 49 points into stamina, I noticed either EXTREMELY little or no damage boost from my 2-h sword, 1-h sword or daggers, or the abilities that use stamina. The same for magicka.
  • LilBudyWizerub17_ESO
    There's an addon that will show you the soft caps. There's other stats not shown by the standard interface like your block, parry and dodge chance. Just displaying data available through the interface that isn't displayed by the standard interface is pretty easy. What that's actually going to mean when it comes to combat is a whole different story. They don't provide the formulas, just the numbers that, somehow, are used in it. Is it (x+y)/z or x+y^z or x/c+y*z? That part is like your basic science and physics classes. You control variables, collect data and try to determine the relationship. You can make some educated guesses due to the context and names. As the damage rating on the weapon goes up you likely hit for more. Is the crit multiplier a constant or a variable? If a variable what does it depend upon? If it depends upon something is that dependency linear, quadratic or exponential? That's theorycraft. That takes board players that want to see if their general impression of how things work is supported by the facts. That's a long, slow process.

    PS: You can help in that process by getting a DPS meter and doing some experimentation. Yeah, the additional stats would help, but until you understand what you already can see the rest doesn't really matter.
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  • wikkidone
    Here are two solutions for you to play with. T's looks the most feature rich; I appreciate that it updates the tool tips to show the critical chance for the individual skill.
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