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Very unhappy with Update 25

Dear Developers,

downloading the full client should not mean to download the full game base. Since the size is roughly the same, I assume the game base has been reorganised.

I am unhappy with the way this is done. You assume that I have fiberglass connection, while I have a slow landline which in this precise moment fails to download at 9% and if it runs, it goes at 30 kB/sec, which according to my calculator will take me to roughly finish at the beginning of May 2020, provided that I have also other things to do.

Due to this "inconvenience", I also need to restart downloading frequently and every time the app verifies the data it has already predisposed, as filled and/or empty archives. For the case you don't know, every partial zip file has a dictionary with files contained, and a relative checksum. You just need to compare these, or the archive checksum, not the whole files! That's a bloody noob developer error.

Additionally, my Internet Plan provides me with 50 GB/month. Considered that I have a pretty high volume, how do you think people will manage with a normal contract?

Gently said, this move was very incompetent.

A much better approach would have been to develop a small tool, which would reorganise the game base, taking what it already got, and make changes and additions on the way. I am 100% sure that the changes you made, do not justify a 52 GB download. The only reason I can imagine is, that your software is so full of bugs, that you need more time to fix it, and in the mean time you are happy to leave us struggling with the download.

If you don't know how to do this, here I am, a fully fledged software developer, who has migrated systems for dozens of times and knows how to move software from point A to point B, without calling implicitly customers imbeciles if they can't accomplish the task you presume everybody can do.

I now let this game go. I have no time, bandwidth and money to update this. Maybe you make tool, and if you don't, your game deserves to die.
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    As there is already other threads discussing Update 25 and this one containing bashing of Zenimax employees, we will be closing the discussion. You are welcome to give your opinion on the recent update but not allowed to bash anyone as this is against the forum rules.
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