Blue screens ( it's not me, it's you)

So you'll probably lock this and say there's already a thread and link me on how to clear my cashe. Or tell me to check with my internet provider.
Stop it, since the patch on PS4 EVERYONE is blue screening, it's not a localized incident.
Yes lag is a bit lower in high traffic areas... But now the whole game crashes constantly.
Can you at least address that you realize you guys messed up before you ignore the problem and hope it goes away?
  • Ragnarock41
    I was about to say Its you but can't really speak for consoles.

    If I had to guess I bet it has to do with the horrible performance issues that plagued this patch.
  • BalticBlues
    I think that ZOS probably messed up the environment loading algorithm with this PS4 patch - because the bluescreens typically happen if environment loading is not fast enough.

    This happens typically if a player moves in a way the pre-loading algorithm does not foresee, like walking or even roll-dodging backwards instead of forward during battle.

    These bluescreens mostly happen in Cyro, not in BGs, so this probably is the type of bug you get if a fundamental algorithm change is tested only in a small envrionment instead of a real environment with hundreds of active players - the bigger the battle, the quicker the game bluescreens...

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