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Second floors for homes without them! Stabby’s stream pt 1 10/25


Hi folks! Today I started a small series going over extra floors for homes without them naturally.
14:45 @raianna14 was a normal random house exploration
18:30 @belet-seri black vine
21:30 @callaleo humble mud
26:30 @hemlockn7 pariah
36:00 @Ilsabet hundings
45:00 @kasitha golden griffin
48:30 @maryjanethehighelf boulder tree
54:30 @ngener serenity
1:00 @omnido cyrodillic
1:04 @onefiveone amayas
1:10 @raeleigh Ald velothi
1:18 @swankery snow globe
1:25 @tacticalafk ample
1:29 @dr_z ebonheart

Next stream I will do more homes like these!
EHT zealot
  • krisor67_ESO
    If you are into housing this much, you MUST see some of my places. I have all notable places and most of the other homes.
    DPS player, not big on PVP but will do it. Love the homestead part of the game, spend a lot of time decorating places.
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