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Psijic Order Dyes

Soul Shriven
Hello! Does anyone know the original dyes used by the Psijic Order members? I've been looking for them but can't find the answer, I'd love to know at least the original blue and gold, if possible. Thanks!
  • Taleof2Cities
    @Ingaano, ESO is notorious sometimes for NPC’s not carrying the same dye schemes as what’s available at the outfit station ... much less having the correct dyes unlocked on your account.

    I don’t think forum-goers (including myself), can give you that info with 100% certainty.

    There are a couple of troubleshooting techniques that I can offer, however:

    1. Try clearing all the dye channels at the outfit station for your piece of Psijic gear. The default color may be a match.

    2. If you’re on PC, all dyes at the outfit station are unlocked on the PTS server. Head to PTS and start experimenting around with the blues, browns, and golds that the Psijics proudly wear.
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  • Ingaano
    Soul Shriven
    Oh thanks for the answer, I might try that!
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