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Soul Shriven
My character, Thais Faux, is stuck in combat in the Imperial City, I cannot kill the creatures I'm stuck in combat with and they cannot kill me creating this endless loop. Also, if the slight chance happens that I get a moment of being 'out of combat' with these creatures and try to use the /stuck command, I get booted to the Login screen. Please help. This should be fixed, I don't understand the point of the command if it doesn't work. I've tried porting to Cyrodil, I also just get booted to the Login screen.

Also, on an unrelated note, I've been in 3 groups killing patrolling bosses and have killed 3 different bosses and have not gotten any Imperial City event tickets. I know this is unrelated, but another aggravation that I probably won't get the Onyx Indrik mount because it seems like no matter which patrolling bosses we kill, somehow I'm not getting any of the event tickets. I got 2 tickets the very first time I tried to participate in the event several days ago when I was in a group that killed Amoncrul. Since then I've been in other groups that have killed Amoncrul, Lady Malygda, and The Screeching Matron, none of which have rendered event tickets. Am I not understanding how this event works or am I just being excluded? Again, really trying to participate in the event, but these things are preventing me.
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