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Help with twitch drops

Hello i am having problems with the drops from twitch, i have both accounts linked and in the past i received the drops after watching twitch videos, but now i dont get them.
I will be grateful if anyone can help!
  • SeaGtGruff
    Did you get the free mount and pet with the glowing purple markings, or did you skip them? The reason I ask is because there were problems with people not being able to get those, and the solution seemed to be that you might need to unlink your ESO and Twitch accounts, then relink them. And I believe someone posted a message (a tweet, maybe?) from ZOS in the forums that said some people might be getting emails telling them they'd need to unlink and relink their accounts due to a glitch. So if you didn't do that sometime within the last week or two, I'd start by trying that. Sign into your ESO account, unlink Twitch, then relink Twitch and sign into Twitch. Watch some streams, then hopefully you'll get the drops tomorrow.
  • ZOS_BillE
    Our help article below goes over some things to check if you're not getting drops from Twitch.

    Why am I not getting Twitch Crown Crate drops for ESO?
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