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What are you doing with your Transliminal Rupture?

It's probably the coolest furnishing item I've seen in a long time, but figuring out what to do with it can be tricky. I stuck it on Tel Galen's levitation pod and, I must say, I'm very pleased with the results; I actually feel like I'm passing through the portal!

I'd love to see what everyone else is doing with it!


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1: That the Supreme Spirit Akatosh is of unitary essence, as proven by the monolinearity of Time.
1: That Shezarr the missing sibling is Singularly Misplaced and therefore Doubly Venerated.
1: That the protean substrate that informs all denial of (1) is the Aldmeri Taint.
1: That the Prophet Most Simian demonstrated that monothought begets Proper-Life.
1: That the purpose of Proper-Life is the Expungement of the Taint.
1: That the Arc of Time provides the mortal theater for the Sacred Expungement.
1: That Akatosh is Time is Proper-Life is Taint-Death.
  • Integral1900
    No spare cash at the moment so... not a lot....
  • bluebird
    That's an awesome use for it! Fits right in with all the magical teleport pads at Tel Galen!

    I'm not doing anything with mine at the moment - I only bought the pack for the Shelves, so I haven't figured out where I'll put the rest (like the seal of Molag Bal which is particularly ugly :smiley:).
  • Shadow_Akula
    Placed inside the roof of the tower at daggerfall overlook, looks really cool at night from below, I’ll have to share a pic or video some time this week... may get another of each molag bal pack, only time and my funds can tell 👀

    Edit: oh seems the packs are already gone ☹️ Oh well only one of each then... and I forgot the pics again >.< sometime tomorrow or when I’m not dying of cold.
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    Oh you guys complaining about ZoS lack of communication? If only a certain community tried to warn you guys of this only for whiteknights and ZoS to silence us.

    Also heads up white knights. Public forum. Everyone has opinions. We are allowed to share our opinions regardless of “it’s free” or whatever excuse you wanna use. Public. Forum. Public.
  • bayushi2005
    Makes a really cool passage into one of my throne rooms:

    For some of my creations: ESO by Bayu
  • bellatrixed
    Mine represents the portal that leads to my Coldharbour house.

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