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How do I heal tombs in vSS lokke hm as templar

Soul Shriven
We've had a guild trial today and I've been healing tombs. Turned out that I cant consistently heal people all the way up to 100% and had a lot of issues with sustain. When I was healing the tomb I usually started with healing springs --> orb then after player enters the tomb I immediatelly use ward ally then spam breath of life. I had BRP perfected staff, jorvulds guidance and sanctuary on a backbar(destro staff)+bogdan. We ended up with having both healers heal tombs... Does anyone have any tips that can help me do it on my own, without help of other healer?
  • Sanguinor2
    Not a healer here but someone who has done a lot of vSS hm runs. Check if your dds have cp into increased healing received, check how much max Health they have, (I used to run into ice on a magplar with roughly 21k hp needlessly to say that going on a stamcro with around 18k is easier to heal), if possible depending on class let dds use some sort of hot on themselves Right before entering the ice (vigor for example if stam dd).
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  • Kuratius
    Backbarring sanctuary is not good, it should be active on both bars. Dont use ward ally, use healing ward instead. The orbs were like a wasted gcd, cast rapid regeneration or radiating regeneration instead. One healer with orbs is enough for this fight. Stay on your resto bar while healing and stay close so that they actually get the sanctuary buff, the range is smaller than you think. If you're not using spell crit/spell power potions, do so.

    Edit: Also, Healing Springs is the wrong morph. Illustrious heals 50 % more per tick. It doesn't just have a longer duration.
    Go Illustrious or go home.
    Edited by Kuratius on September 6, 2019 12:30PM
  • Deadelly
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for tips guys. Kuratius I dont understand this gcd term you are using. Isnt orb a nice healing abilitysince it has more hps in tooltip even thatn illustrious healing?I couldnt use sanctuary on body pieces because I had jorvuld there. Isnt jorvuld just better because it increases duration of major vitality buff from vBRP staff?

    I was actually using healing ward and illustrious healing. Just failed to type the proper morph names in my message.
  • r3turn2s3nd3r
    We have our tomb healer wearing Troll King. Health regen is not affected by the healing debuff. We also try to send mag toons with popping a shield before they step in. Their shield will eat the dot that is applied so the healer only has to heal through the debuff and not dot too.
  • fioskal
    Basically what stile said.

    One thing I would like to add is that healing cages is a lot easier if the DPS jumping into the cages have points into quick recovery (I recommend 32) and vigor/shield before dodge rolling into the cage.

    This will both make the cages quicker to heal as well as reduce the chance that someone will get popped by damage as they are going into the cage and die instantly.
    PC - NA
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