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Issue Claiming Twitch Prime Noweyr Mount and Pet

Soul Shriven
I'm one of those unfortunate souls having an issue trying to claim the Noweyr mount and pet from Twitch Prime. And I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to submit a support ticket for it.

I'm a PC/Windows player. I have a Twitch Prime account, which is linked to my ESO account. My ESO account page shows that I've successfully linked my Twitch account. On my Twitch Prime home page, I see the "Noweyr Steed & Pony" offer and after clicking on it I see that it is now "Claimed". But I never received an email confirmation, and the items have not been added to my account -- even after several days.

I've tried unlinking and relinking my ESO and Twitch accounts several times, following instructions posted here from a support rep, and even tried clearing my cookies and rebooting before relinking again. I'm not seeing any actual error messages. In fact, I keep getting a message on my Twitch page saying that the items are claimed... yet they're still not showing up on my account.

I have successfully claimed a Twitch item before (during the last live stream) -- so I know I was linked up properly at one time.

Adding more frustration to the mix: I've been trying to submit a support ticket for the past 30 minutes, but whatever sub-category I select for my issue seems to take me way off on a different path that doesn't fit my real problem. The one time I found something that kind of fit and did submit a ticket, I ended up getting a response saying something to the effect of "we'll pass along your feedback, but you may not get a response." Um... no, I really would like a response, please. :-)
  • FurySevenSix
    I know in some cases it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for the rewards to show up, but if you have been waiting several days long it should be there by now.

    Maybe double check the email that you have linked to your Twitch account and ESO account just to make sure the email confirmation isn't potentially going to a different email or getting stuck in spam as I know in the FAQ's they do say if you don't get the mount and pet to submit a support ticket with the code from the email.

    Hope that helps and you get your Mount and Pet soon.
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