Cyrodil still crashing

Sometimes right to desktop. Other times to the white screen.

Not fixed.
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  • RoyalFruitBat
    Cyrodiil crashed three times on me this evening.
  • labambao
    Had massive 12 ppl crash to desktop yesterday when volendrung used skills on us
  • gapps
    This will never change, cause that would mean they invest somthing in Servers etc. and they get no money with that.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    The v5.1.7 patch that we've released has resolved an issue that was leading to server crashes over the past week. Since there are multiple discussions ongoing about crashes in Cyrodiil or battlegrounds, we will be closing this thread. If you are still encountering crashes while playing ESO, please post in the thread linked below.

    I keep crashing to desktop in Cyrodiil...
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