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Ability bars lock up

Since the last patch, I am experiencing a new bug.

Ever so often, my bars lock up, and I cannot switch for a good 5-10 seconds.

This is not to be confused with the normal weapon swap delay - this is something new.

Anyone else?
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  • fbours
    Yeah, I experienced that several times. I thought it was lag, possibly it is..
  • MasterSpatula
    Yeah, every patch things get a little be laggier and buggier. Bar swap has become extremely unreliable in all content lately, and last night I was hit with a fire DOT. tried to fire off a heal five times without the character ever once beginning the animation much less the heal applying, and died.

    This, not strip-mining fun from class abilities, should be the priority right now.
    Edited by MasterSpatula on August 17, 2019 10:30PM
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  • BackAndAngry
    thx Zos for the continued great job
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  • Kadoin
    You're not the only one...Even in PvE it happens.
  • Major_Lag
    Yep, PvE is starting to get affected as well :(

    Earlier this week I made the mistake of trying to solo a dolmen during primetime (not in Cyrodiil)...
    I have a good PvE build, can solo most normal non-DLC dungeons with it - and it's just a boring old dolmen, what can possibly go wrong? :trollface:

    Everything went perfectly fine up till the boss.
    Got hit with a stun while reapplying buffs on backbar, so I immediately break free and barswap to frontbar for heal (sweeps).
    Result... after breaking free (animation plays, stamina cost deducted as usual) I'm still stunned, my character appears to be standing up normally but ability bar is still grayed out. Barswap of course fails. Yet another lag-induced PvE death... to a lame dolmen boss, not even a named boss but a generic one. :#
  • MaxJrFTW
    You can still move around and you clearly have plenty of hp left, but you get locked out of your abilities. Dead game is dead.
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  • amir412
    Happend to me yesterday.
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  • fred4
    It's not sprint lock, is it?
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  • nekura
    I think this happened to me and a friend of mine at the same time. My weapons disappeared, couldn't bar swap, couldn't activate skills but I was still moving around getting hit by someone.
  • xylena_lazarow
    Same, my bars are frequently grayed out 5 seconds at a time, and it's not the sprint bug.
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  • Major_Lag
    nekura wrote: »
    My weapons disappeared

    There's also another purely visual bug with disappearing weapons (not related to bars graying out though). Happens both in PvP and PvE.

    If you are using a channel-type heavy attack (restoration staff, lightning staff, Mend Wounds skill and its morphs), if the target dies while the attack is still in progress, you are stuck heavy attacking the now-dead target, this usually requires a barswap to get out of this glitched state.
    However, when this happens, more often than not your weapon will become invisible.

    I've had this happen ALL THE TIME when trying out the Mend wounds skill in PvP.

    On a side note: several times I've also seen a hilarious visual glitch when a DK's wings become detached from the character model and "drop to the ground", kind of. :D
    Now the DKs have a REAL reason to complain about their "wings getting clipped" :trollface: (in reference to the semi-recent DK wings nerf)
  • Master_Kas
    This happens sometimes when I try to use lotus fan at some places. Maybe gapcloser-related? :P
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  • Hexquisite
    Yes this is happening to me all the time since patch. Not CC as I can freely move around. My thought was that it is lag, or sprint bug but seems a bit different than sprint bug.
    Edited by Hexquisite on August 18, 2019 8:09PM
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  • Ash_In_My_Sujamma
    It happens all the time in combat especially in pvp. I honestly believe that the most difficult thing in eso these days is to activate a skill or bar swap. No dot meta, no boss. Just trying to make your commands go through.
  • fbours
    Good to know other people are experiencing this as well. I thought I was not CC breaking fast enough... But yeah pretty much exact same experience, plus the streak bug seems worse as well. Different topic I know but several times when I streak even on flat terrain, I stay there for 1 or 2 secs not being able to bar swap, cast abilities or move, before patch it was very rarely and in very specific spots that could be anticipated
  • jadarock
    Skills being greyed out or being locked out of barswaps is game breaking imo It actually saps my will to continue playing.
    Not only are my weapons below my character I've applied mutagen and flapped my wings all from my feet as well lol
    All this has been going on far to long I'm really hoping they have some fixes coming soon or I'll be done for good
    Edited by jadarock on August 19, 2019 8:49PM
  • Koolio
    Here is a dodge roll lockout video. I can’t cast anything for 2-3 seconds or 4-5 steps

    There is also a new one specifically with gap closers. Your character will bug out once you’ve “closed the gap” but can’t do anything until the damage registers
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