Magic and Mettle is Recruiting! Helpful 18+ PvE guild for all levels

Soul Shriven
Magic and Mettle is a friendly 18+ PvE focused guild aiming to help all players progress through PvE content as they want to. We run all levels of content and use a tiered system for veteran trials to make progression through the content clear and easy and help all our members work their way through the tiers. We also use Discord to arrange our events.
We currently have over 270 members, a guild house with all Mundus stones and 18 set crafting stations, and a weekly trader.

Please let me know if you'd like an invite :smiley:
EU Server - Xbox One: CP 850+

GM of Magic and Mettle
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    Soul Shriven
    Hey, I'm pretty new to the game, only been playing a few weeks and just about to hit 40 and this sounds like a good group to help me learn the game and whatnot. If you'll have me I'd love an invite.
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