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Robust or infused for tool tip/set damage

I imagine that infused would increase your damage for tool tips and sets more than just robust. I am attempting to maximize my damage between the 100% to the 25% running 3 infused would be most applicable correct? As robust affects max stam and that mainly affects light attacks if I am not wrong?

This is odd I know but testing out for group comp sake. Unfortunately on xbox I do not have combat metrics where I can distinctively test this.

Any knowledge would be appreciated and understanding of how much infused would perform over robust.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Infused comes out only slightly better in a vacuum, @ATJIC ... so the key question is what does the rest of your build look like??

    If your CP setup, gear, and attributes are slanted towards damage then you'll likely want robust (or at the very least infused with stam recovery).

    Likewise, if you're running high sustain already, then infused with weapon damage would be the way to go.

    Fortunately, you can still theorycraft without having the console patch go Live yet by using the UESP build editor (link below).

    They're still getting the Update 23 dialed in on the website ... but skills and CP are definitely done.
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  • Dagoth_Rac
    ATJIC wrote: »
    As robust affects max stam and that mainly affects light attacks if I am not wrong?

    Skills that cost stamina, and light/heavy attacks of weapons with skills that use stamina, scale off both max stamina and weapon damage. The ratio is 10.46 stamina to 1 weapon damage. That is, 1046 stamina impacts tooltips the same as 100 weapon damage. It is not quite that straightforward, though, because of things that buff your stats. For example, 300 CP buffs stamina by 20% while Major Brutality buffs weapon damage by 20%. Generally, stamina builds have more weapon damage percentage buffs than max stamina buffs. With a gold glyph, you sacrifice 870 stamina for 174 * 60% = 104 extra weapon damage. 104 * 10.46 = 1087 stamina. 1087 is greater than 870, but not by a whole lot in the grand scheme of things (tens of thousands of max stamina and thousands of weapon damage).
    Okay thanks. To min max sounds like infused weapon power glyphs would be the play.

    I am running all 3 as weapon power.

    Thank you for the replies

    For a proc set, it scales off the same max stamina max weapon power correct?
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Damage from sets does not scale with Max Stamina/Magicka nor Weapon/Spell Damage.

    They scale only with +% damage done (such as CP bonuses to direct damage, Sorc shock damage bonus, or Minor Berserk). Penetration and other debuffs will increase their actual damage done, but not the tooltip

    This is why most damage-dealing proc sets are not as good as sets that give you stat bonuses to buff your ability damage
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