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Pvp Mgk Sorc, other changes!

The sorcerer class is pretty much ruined as far as solo non pet terms as far as i can see! I mean this is the goal they've been shooting for in the past two years. yet the community will perpetuate it as if the class is the bis, "thus its king 1vx and broken" yet these are the people that could never amount to performing that play style in the entirety of the game!

basically what it comes down to is-
Do you want to see the new england patriots win another super bowl?
Or would you like to see jeff bezos exempt of a federal income tax?
I mean we can all agree that that dude needs to get taxed pretty hefty, but where do we draw the line?
if you ever enjoyed the class or mained it, than you would justify nerfs accordingly as buffs ideally. If you were always on the opposition then you've been biased since launch fast forward 4 years with the class being irrefutably the most nerfed and consistently most persecuted. People still continually disregard all changes/nerfs to the class in hopes of the class being completely rendered useless for their envious reasons! zos literally caters to these people which is disgusting

Another shield and heal nerf is 100% unjustified. The line has been crossed once again as taking the stun off of frag the list goes on!

I have 0% hope in devs!
Lets evaluate the history of the class around the cfrag loss post clockwork, you introduced a buffed rune cage to compensate, HORRIBLE IDEA
thus gutting it nearly, not a viable cc i would use. meanwhile dk's fossilize is literally the exact same thing minus range, yet never changed! LMFAO there's so more of that jeff bezos bias!
So after the rune cage nerf sorc's had to be innovative thus once more and fall back to using the dsa staff with its s**** genric clecnh ability/stun. WEIRD it just got nerfed LMFAOO as far as the last patch notes I read! it's almost like anything that's bis for sorcerer that might not even be freaking decent in the actual game gets nerfed!

so c frag, run cage, Dsa staff force clench is no longer bis/ All GONE three cc's down the toilet and now we have streak.
call me crazy, but i'm going to go on a limb here and say that the cc on streak will probably get nerfed next!

Sorceres's literally haven't had a consistent viable cc in the past two years meanwhile every other class has pretty much been exempt
Sorcerer this patch is 100% weaker in solo terms than before as far as defensive play

Also cast time to ulti's what the actual ****!

Magik dots what the actual **** = new sloads!

My patience is running very thin with this game!

  • Ozazz
    also if eclipse buff made it live there probably isn't any hope for this game!
  • Emma_Overload
    The shield cost nerf is bad and might be fatal once stamina builds figure out they can use soul trap, too.

    I don't agree that healing is bad, though. Crit Surge + Structured Entropy works great. Rapid Regen and Healing Ward got useful buffs.

    My new build: Impregnable, Bright Throat and Valkyn Skoria. High crit resist is absolutely necessary in this meta. Cost reduction enchants on jewelry are helping, as well.

    I'm thrilled that Skoria is finally viable on Magicka Sorc. I'm just worried that we haven't seen the really cancerous Onslaught builds yet. 12 seconds of full penetration may be impossible to beat.
  • Ozazz
    I would much rather see healing ward out perform a pet heal and be more viable!
  • Ozazz
    with that build set up, its inherently a Nerf to Sorcerer to compensate for the sorry state of the game indirectly slashing your damage that you could of had elsewhere! not one damage set.
    with that being said not a bad idea!
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