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An error has occurred...PCEU

Anyone else getting this? After I login I get to the character screen - then it sticks on "requesting character load" message for a bit. Then kicked to login screen -"An error has occurred. Please wait a few minutes and log in again".

I've disabled all addons, rebooted. Dunno what else I can do.

Not even getting an error number. Has happened maybe 15 times over the last hour.
  • hero2zer0
    I’ve had this happen for the past 4 days now...I can login briefly sometimes, only to get timed out after a few seconds, or minutes if I’m lucky.

    It happened out of the blue as I normally have a ping of about 120ms.

    I suspect some routing might have changed somewhere. It might also be the influx of players burdening the servers due to the ongoing event :(
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  • RodneyRegis
    Yeah, I'll give it a miss tonight.

    I ran VMA yesterday despite the bugs, to pick up a bow and ice staff, both of which I already have about 6 of. Not sure why I bothered.
  • ZOS_BillE
    We have posted troubleshooting in the thread linked below for another player encountering the same error when getting disconnected.

    PC EU - can't log in or keep getting logged off during zone transitions
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