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Can I give something away using Link in Chat?

Hello. The Indrik is probably my least favourite mount and, to me, the Onyx is just boring. I bought the first set of berries during the last celebration but I don’t want them. I can’t sell them in-game or dump them in my guild bank. Can I use Link in Chat to give them away or does that just allow others to view an item?


Best Answers

  • Beardimus
    That is just for viewing, use it in zone or guild chat to try to sell things.

    If you check top left hand corner of item description and it says Bound, there's nadda you can do with it.
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  • Watchdog
    You cannot give anything in your Collections to other players. If it is there, you are stuck with having it forever, unless you send a support ticket with a request for that item's removal.
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  • GenjiraX
    Ok thanks for the quick answers. I’ll just leave it in my ‘junk I don’t know what to do with’ coffer.
  • AcadianPaladin
    You can destroy things though which can get unwanted bound/can't sell items out of the way. I do that with a good number of the consumable daily rewards since I have no use for most of them. I imagine you can do it with Indrik berries as well.
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