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Would you care about winning campaigns if ZOS improved rewards and competitive balance?

Imagine if campaign rewards were significantly better than a pittance of gold and a few pieces of jewelry for bad sets. Imagine if the campaign score couldn't be horribly skewed by a few hours per day of severe faction population imbalance. Would this raise your interest in winning the campaign for your faction?

Would you care about winning campaigns if ZOS improved rewards and competitive balance? 28 votes

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  • VaranisArano
    I enjoy fighting for the campaign win in Cyrodiil as it is. The tactics and strategy of winning over 30 days and the required cooperation for the whole faction...I find that sort of play interesting and enjoyable.

    So extra rewards would be icing on the cake!
  • thermatico
    The only reward worth playing for is the 50 transmutes stones. Log into each toon > Cyrodill > Tier 1 > Wait for next campaign.

  • NBrookus
    I don't think improved rewards would help. Improved rewards would benefit the biggest faction the most, particularly onlow pop campaigns. You have to fix the scoring mechanics first so that all factions and time zones have a relatively equal contribution to the scoreboard.

    Perhaps this is partially based on how well a faction performed compared to the previous campaign at factors like holding home objectives for longer periods of time, enemy objectives for longer periods, duration of emperorships, etc. And partially based on how well a faction is performing for their current level of population.

    Once that's working you can think about better rewards, perhaps even ones that are more individualized. If those also have extra benefits for personal improvement, even better.

    However I am probably describing an entirely different game.
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  • KingExecration
    I wish I could even play the game to get rewards on console, because Xbox NA 11pm on a Friday is the laggiest and worst performance I’ve had. That said improved rewards and incentives would be nice instead of getting a gold ring of a set not even the devs have heard about.
  • idk
    Cyrodiil would have to be completely revamped if is to become competitive. I think people mistakenly think that just because it is PvP that it is competitive but there is not really anything in place to ensure equal number and power. It just is not intended to be that kind of PvP.
    Really, idk
  • Drdeath20
    Alot of people care about winning the pvp campaign as is now but the way how pvp works is that the alliance with the most coordinated 100 guys will do better in peak hours but non peak hours are what wins the campaigns.

    While i would desire better rewards i would really want a better pvp model.

    For instance a 4th AI alliance and if they win we all get no rewards. They always have a full bar. Soo in non peak hours the night cappers are gonna have to work with the other alliances to prevent the 4th alliance from taking the entire map. That would really break up the staleness of the 2 v 1 wheel and throw in a new dynamic of cooperation and back stabbing with other alliances.

    Theres alot of things that could be fixed by this. Ai would have high priority targets to help take down. Soo weaker players are less of a priority over emperors or pvdoor ball groups that make a ton of AP an hour.

    Lastly i would increase population capacity during peak hours on weekends to 150 per alliance. Having a 4th AI alliance would help spread the map out and alliances would have to keep guard of normal undefended keeps. Plus it would give players something to look foward to.
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  • xylena_lazarow
    idk wrote: »
    Cyrodiil would have to be completely revamped if is to become competitive. I think people mistakenly think that just because it is PvP that it is competitive but there is not really anything in place to ensure equal number and power. It just is not intended to be that kind of PvP.

    Just because it's not a MOBA doesn't mean it's not competitive.

    Battlegrounds try to ensure equal numbers and equal power (by removing CP), yet randoms will quit a match early rather than continue to get rolled by a premade they have zero chance of beating. The chaos of open world PvP in Cyro is typically a great deal more competitive than that.
  • Sacredx
    Competitive balance? What does that even mean in an open world mmo?
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  • Sanct16
    IF the rewards would be genuinely desirable and the campaign scoring not about night capping I'd definetly care about trying to win.
    I might even organize a raid to help my faction take the map.

    However I have close to zero hope that the necessary changes will ever happen. My honest impression with ZOS' changes over the last 5 years has been that even if they recognize the problem, they never implement the "smartest" change but something goofy that maybe works as a bandaid for the problem but also has a huge amount of unwarranted side effect.

    So if they were to rework rewards I'm afraid it would either end up in an RNG fest where some lucky people get great rewards and others get jack ***. Or they want to make everyone happy and hand out almost equal rewards to all factions as it's currently the case.
    I don't even want to start thinking about how they might try to improve campaign scoring (if they admit it's a huge problem). Instead of going for a population-based dynamic approach they will rework the low-pop and low-score bonuses or something like this which will maybe bandaid the problem but will also lead to a whole array of new issues.
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  • darkblue5
    I like playing the map sometimes because that's literally how Cyrodiil is supposed to foster PvP. I really don't think rewards would make the PvP more competitive. Smart guilds would likely figure out how to maximize whatever worthwhile reward was offered. There are already enough whiffs of rotten guild politics when the campaigns really don't matter.
  • Kadoin
    I want to farm my own faction 95% of the time, why would I want to help them win?
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