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Game freeze when loading


I’ve had several issues the last few days with the game freezing on loading screens. Ive been logged in for less than an hour today and it’s already occurred once.
  • dotme
    Same, also PS4NA.

    Spinning wheel stops spinning, and you're done until you "Close Application" and re-launch. Happens a lot to me in Cyrodiil.

    Also had a freeze last night upon exiting a load screen when transiting to Sejanus from BRK in Kaal. Came through the load screen just fine, but game was locked up when I came out of it. Couldn't move, nobody else was moving, keep wasn't under stress or siege at the time either.

    Had to force-close and re-launch.
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  • Rittings
    Usually I get this at broken wayshrines. Those wayshrine include (but may not be limited to) - Anvil, Vivec City, Vivec Temple and Rimmen.
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