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Question Reference # 190715-002075

Soul Shriven
A week ago I submitted a bug using /bug followed by submitting a support ticket related to not receiving a weekly reward for being on the trial leader board for vSO ( screenshot was included in the bug and support ticket). The only response I received was an email stating that if you ( zos/eso ) do not hear from me by responding to the email with 4 days you would consider the issue resolved. Well I have responded every day stating that the issue has not been resolved and I have not heard any response since.

I had stated that I was in the trial the entire time no disconnects, no changing characters, definitely on the leader board, also no reward showing up in my in game mail. I don't really need the reward, I'm sure it would have been something like a vo resto staff, however there could have been a small chance it would have been something nice like tfs dagger.

Was/is anything going to be done about this issue? Since it seems nothing is happening by submitting a bug/support ticket I thought I'd put something here to see I get any response or not.
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