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Am I doing it wrong? (fishing in arteum)

Hello, so I have a question about fishing on arteum to get arteum broth. I've been fishing for about 4 hours now and I haven't even gotten a single of those satchels you're supposed to get. I use the regular baits for the different types of holes. But should I use some other special bait to get it?
I'm wondering because several friends said it's a fast farm and that I would easily get it between 30min and an hour, but obviously that didn't happen. So am I doing something wrong or does Rngesus just hate me?

And btw cudos to all of you that have the master angler title, this is easily the most boring thing I've ever done in eso.
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Best Answer

  • Freakin_Hytte
    czar wrote: »
    As long as you're using the correct bait for that type of water, then no, there's no other trick to it. It definitely wasn't a fast farm for me, I spent more than five hours trying to get that recipe.

    Thx for answer, then I'll just keep on going until I get it :)
  • VaranisArano
    Its all ocean water, so use worms. Other than that, its just RNG.
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