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Sload or Necropotence for a magicka Warden?

I know most people would be against using the Sload`s but I just love it, I love seeing the dot up almost all the time on enemies as I am spreading frost and swarm with my magden.

The reason I kept the set for so long as it gives some nice stats and the oblivion damage that always ignore resistance.

Comparing dps however I still have a feeling that 6k mana that Necropotence set gives would still be better for me more than the almost constant 6k oblivion damage from all the ticks from Sload`s.

I just have really no idea which set would boost my dps further and what would help me more, the higher base of magicka or a very often proccing high dot damage.
  • ccmedaddy
    Necro: better burst, better heals, bigger shields

    Sloads: more sustained dmg against tankier targets, way higher chance of looking like a n00b and getting hate whispers

    Don't forget that oblivion dmg is being completely reworked for next patch. Not sure how viable it'll be.
  • frostz417
    This man really just say Sloads on a magwarden
  • Sanctum74
    Use both then, personally I prefer necro with crafty on my warden. 50k+ magic gives you great damage and shield.
  • Wolfpaw
    Necro+Bright-throat, & tri stat drink is what Ive been playing with recently. Not sure how this setup will work in 23, no access to pts.

    I have swapped in transmutation as one defense/regen set w/necro, but I can't tell much of a difference in survivability. If I screw up I'm going down either way.
    Edited by Wolfpaw on July 20, 2019 6:47PM
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