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Soul Assault is bad (terrible waste of 3.9 seconds) - what combo/class/race makes it least-bad? :)

Curious as to your thought here? What gear/class/combo would result in the best burst combo with this?

Rune-cage since you'll have to break free in the middle of the soul assault?
MagNB due to other stacking dots?
Necro for the built-in 10% dot damage bonus, penetration and blastbones? (once it gets fixed so it's not snared when you're Soul Assaulting...)

  • Neoauspex
    Magplar since you already have Thaumaturge decked out because everything is a channel and you're already clunky and used to clunky cast times etc.

    Proc off balance first.
  • Waffennacht
    Warden is: shalk into soul assault - wait that was before they made shalk blockable... NVM
    Sorc is Curse wrath into Soul - that's still unblockable or Imp stun times mid way through Soul
    Templar could be Eclipse (the bomb one) and backlash into Soul
    Necro would be Blastbones into Soul

    Only really sorc has the unblockable damage element anymore and/or the times stun, so block is a very solid counter
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  • Metemsycosis
    Fear trap on magnb esp against charging melee specs.
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  • cheemers
    Leaked notes suggest soul assault will never be used again...
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  • Mrsinister2
    It's pretty crap unless you unload it on a squishy Stamblade and that doesn't really exist any more.

    Even fuy buffed with a ridiculous tool tip it will only ever kill totally clueless players or someone fighting 8 other people.
  • Nerhesi
    NBrookus wrote: »
    The best combo with soul assault is 10 other people helping you.

    Lol - so true.
  • brandonv516
    cheemers wrote: »
    Leaked notes suggest soul assault will never be used again...

    Yep longer duration = longer CC immunity which sounds good...but it also makes yourself more vulnerable.

    And if you block-cancel it to save yourself from near death, you just wasted a ton of ultimate.
  • merevie
    Potion > SA > blue puddle of death. And yes, it may never been used again, and mageblades will revert enmasse to tether bombing. Enjoy.
    Edited by merevie on July 7, 2019 6:40AM
  • goldenarcher1
    Been using the base morph on my stamblade in no cp. :p

    It either obliterates people or is completely ineffective.No middle ground.
  • TheFamousMockingbird
    I played a Magicka altmer Beamplar wearing War Maiden and Soulshine sets. With psijic skills and passives you gets a nice dmg reduction when channeling. Most of the Templar kit is magic dmg. It does melt people for sure but I found it a little one-trick-pony for my play which is usually Cyrodiil groups. Soul assault is super cheap cost which makes up for how often it gets LoSed when fighting.
    Edited by TheFamousMockingbird on July 8, 2019 4:25AM
  • Nerhesi
    Maybe it may work now with heavy magicka dot builds? Just read up on the patch notes and:

    Destructive Reach - 167% increase in dot damage
    Entropy - 220% increase in dot damage
    Soul Trap - 161% increase in dot damage
    Soul Strike - damage per tick up 22% per tick.
    - The Shatter Soul Morph now causes an explosion when you end it early or when duration is done.

    Plus Necro 10% damage bonus to dots...

    I'll at least try it out (to I'm sure my disappointment)
  • coletas
    purifing light for 20% more damage and 10% more spell damage (illuminate passive) Puncuring sweep on same bar as soul assault for minor protection of Spears wall and /or a javelin + piercing Spears passive, and soul assault. You can play with cyrodill light for aditional 15% protection.
  • darkblue5
    It prevents invis for a second longer making it better at the thing it does best... Xv1ing someone who ganked a zerg member within 28m :trollface: .
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