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🔮 NEKOMANCERS ✨ Helping each other while having fun


    We are Nekomancers, a humble guild of casual ESO players. Our leading strategy is adhering to three characteristics that define us as gamers: being helpful, friendly, and fun. By never wavering from these foundations, we've experienced amazing hijinks and strong friendships; All the while creating fond memories along the way.

    We're laid back casual players that mainly enjoy PvE content, be it questing, crafting, fishing, decorating homes, or completing maps. On weekends we plan to spend our time together by running delves, dungeons, farming dolmens, seeking skyshards, or completing achievements. A lot of our members are new to the game, so we all do our best to help each other out. Though the guild creators are JST time zone, we have members from various locations.

    We tend to take in people our members already know, though now and then we might take in a stray. If a member already knows you, their vouch is enough to get you accepted. Without knowing a member, applicants would have to go through a trial period, where the meow-gistrate then decide if to accept them into our ranks or not. In both cases, as long as rules are followed, being a part of our looney circle isn't that difficult. Make sure to read up on the rules, both on the site and in the discord.

    Join our discord server (Creative Toilet), and please leave us your in-game name to be added to the guild. Please keep in mind a lot of us are from different time zones and might not be available right away.
    Once in the guild, freshly recruited members are given the title of mewling. To become a true nekomancer, one must go through a trial period. To check out further details you can visit our website in the buttons below. 💜

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  • Mad_Madisson
    We recently got an Atronach Stone for all your permanent Magicka Recovery needs over at the Guild Hall.
  • Trylon_Sky
    YES PLZ!
  • Trylon_Sky
    This community is very organized, extremely friendly and very helpful. I advise anyone looking for a fun active group reach out to us!
  • Mad_Madisson

    Join our fishing event, be it in the guild or not, pop into Elsweyr at those times, and you might spot our group fishing.
    We'll invite anyone willing to join us for some fishy times.
  • Trylon_Sky
    Can't wait!
  • Mad_Madisson

    Last weekend's fishing event was a blast! Thanks to everyone that joined us, and even more thanks to those that stayed.
  • Trylon_Sky
    Nekomancers is still looking for new members! Any and all times are welcome. We are organizing and active. Casual PvE is most of our focus but access everything the game has to offer.

    This weekend we have a skyshard event, don’t be shy!
  • Mad_Madisson
  • Trylon_Sky
    Solid turnout with the Guild!

    Can’t wait for next weeks event!
    Edited by Trylon_Sky on June 2, 2019 5:14AM
  • Mad_Madisson
    Thanks to everyone who came along for the Skyshard hunt. We had a blast! This event will be far from the last skyshard hunt we do, and we look forward to hosting another. They would be nothing without your presence. Hope to see you all in the next one.
  • Mad_Madisson

    For this event, we will be targeting world bosses. There will be a considerable possibility we might need more people to bring these big ones down, but once we do, it will make our success all the sweeter. Come join us!
  • Trylon_Sky
    World bosses this weekend!!!
    We are still growing too, I can’t make it because I’m going to be at E3 but maybe they’ll have computers for me to play on!?

    Nekomancer is still looking to grow, join our community of fun and activity. We welcome all regions and all skill levels and interest!
  • Mad_Madisson
    We're ready and excited to take on Elsweyr's World Bosses. After that, as long as participants are willing, we move on to other locations to show those bosses what's what (or at least try).

    Feel free to join us at this event!


    I hope you have blast @Trylon_Sky! Please share pics on discord. ;)
    Edited by Mad_Madisson on June 8, 2019 9:28PM
  • Mad_Madisson
    Our World Bosses Event was a huge success. It was all thanks to the amazing people that joined us. Without you guys, these events would not be as fun.


    We might have struggled in some instances, like trying to loot our dear friend Mehz's corpse, but we powered through.


    Thanks again those that joined in through the twitch stream as well and cheered us on. You all rock
  • Trylon_Sky
    Wish I could have made it!
    What’s in store for this weekend!?
  • Mad_Madisson
    Everyone can vote here for the next event. Seems like Dungeon is winning so far.
  • Mad_Madisson
    We're doing achievements for this event. In an hour from now, we'll be trying "I like M'aiq". Come and join us, or watch us through our stream!
  • Mad_Madisson

    It took some time and coordination, but once we got in the swing of it getting the achievement became easier. Everyone would make a mad dash to his spot after someone would shout, "He's here!"

    It was a lot of fun. We definitely could not have done it without you guys. Thanks!
  • Trylon_Sky
    What’s this weekend!?
  • Mad_Madisson
  • Trylon_Sky
    Ohhh! Yeah!! I’ll be there for sure, can’t wait!
  • KriegerSangre
    Joined this guild yesterday and already loving it! Everyone is super nice and friendly! I highly recommend anyone else looking for a laid-back and fun guild to join! (This is Fluffy btw lol). :tongue:
  • Mad_Madisson
    Thanks so much, guys. The guild would be nothing without members like you.

    Are you ready for the next event?
  • Trylon_Sky
  • Wickedsmaht
    Hello :) ...are you recruiting?

    in-game tag = @Wickedsmaht
  • Mad_Madisson
    Hello :) ...are you recruiting?

    in-game tag = @Wickedsmaht

    Sorry for the late response. Seems like you're at guild capacity now. You're still welcome to join our discord and be part of our events even if you're not in the guild. Everyone's welcome!

    For everyone else, the Crime Time event is happening today! Here's the countdown. Everyone's welcome to join, or simply watch on our stream:


  • Mad_Madisson

    Thanks for Crime Time guys, we had a blast!
  • Mad_Madisson

    We had a good time grabbing mementos with you guys.
    We're planning on fishing next weekend. Why don't you all join us?
  • Roxie5D
    Hey! Would love to join! I also love the name Nekomancers, as I just made a necromancer ^^ And I'm not a member of any other guilds either. Ah well, hope you take me!

    My ingame tag is @Roxie7D
  • Mad_Madisson
    Hey there @Roxie5D !
    Sorry for the late response, but we'd love to have you. All you have to do is join us in our discord, that way our staff can see ya and add ya in game.

    Just in time for the Orsinium event too. ;3
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