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Magplar DPS - Brightmage - Veteran Blackrose Prison Build [ESO Wrathstone]

Class Representative

TL;DW? 5x Scathing Mage, 2x Grothdarr, 5x Sorrow, 1x vMA Lightning. Alternative sets instead of Scathing: BSW or Julianos
  • Playnice
    A good setup on magplar for vBRP is 5 Julianos, 5 Burning Spellweave, 2 Iceheart with a vMA inferno. This will give you the maximum survivability and aoe dps and its not dependent on anything but having an inferno staff for your blockade of fire. Frontbar puncturing sweeps, radiant glory, channeled acceleration or rune focus, Solar Barrage, inner light, shooting star. Backbar Blazing spear, reflective light, blockade of fire, structured entropy, inner light, elemental rage. (Entropy and channeled acceleration are flex spots). Use an easy rotation like this during difficult mechanics to maintain high dps.
    Ebonheart Pact
    Guild: Odem Mortis
    DLC nodeath/hm/speedrun: vWGT, vICP, vCoS, vFH, vMoS, vRoM, vBF, vFL vIR, vUG
    Flawless Conqueror on Nov 28, 2018
    Trials : vCrag HM, vMOL, vCR+3, vAS+2, vSS, vKA, vHOF HM
    PVP: Every class mag and stam

    Highest trial dummy parse July 1, 2020: 96k Magicka Warden no cheese
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